Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable!

“Life Begins At the End of Your Comfort Zone” ― Neale Donald Walsch

When life calls for a change you may be faced with the challenge of getting comfortable being uncomfortable.  Most times when change is on the table you will experience this.  Sometimes our comfort zone becomes our enemy, because it keeps pulling us back there when we are trying to move on and change.  We are naturally wired to resist anything that we perceive as something that may cause discomfort even if we know that it will be helpful for us in the long run.  We also sometimes think that we are going to be missing out on something if we leave that comfortable space, not realizing that we are missing out on so much more by not!

In my blog Finally Living Single the young woman is actively experiencing this.  While she sets out to reach her goal of being single, she finds herself in all kinds of love triangles because she can’t seem to cope with how uncomfortable she feels without a man.  It is easier to just fall back into a dating situation or relationship than to deal with how uncomfortable it is to be single.  She’s become complacent with this and her comfort zone begins to become her worse enemy!

That wonderful 4-letter word that we all hate; FEAR is the reason people have such a hard time dealing with that uncomfortable feeling.  Not knowing what is on the other side of your comfort zone is scary, but that is where all the magic happens. Even if we know that there is great rewards in that place we still resist it sometimes.  It takes dedication, faith and courage to push through to the other side.


Here are 3 tips on you can use to start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and step through fear.

#1.  Communicate and get support!

Sharing your goals with your support system will be helpful in helping you to stay motivated and stick to making the change you want to make.  Be open and honest in where you currently are and where you want to go.  When you start to feel like you may be going left and falling off track speak to your support system.  Let them know what is happening and ask for support.

If you do not have a support system find one.  There are support groups everywhere for all kinds of life challenges, and they are created to help you.  Use them! Dont feel embarrassed, everyone you will see there is there for the same reason you are, to get help and to change.  No one is going to judge you, they are safe places.  You may even end up meeting friends that will be in your life forever.  Also, hearing others talk about their issues that are similar to yours sometimes helps you to know that you are not alone and also to will shed more light on your own situation and help you to look at it differently.

#2. Open Your Eyes!

Increase your sense of awareness and knowledge in the area of the change you want to make.  The more you know, the less fear you have.  Fear is false evidence appearing real.  So when you back your life up with facts instead of false evidence you fear will die!

This may mean learning the truth behind some life situation which may involve you confronting someone.  It may be learning about a career change you want to make and doing the research to learn about what it takes to be in the career you want to move into.  No matter what area of life it is you want to make the change in, using the power of knowledge and awareness can help you to gain clarity and open your eyes to see things you didn’t see before!  You will learn to have a new perspective on whatever it is you are looking to change.

#3. Celebrate your work!

When you begin to do the work to make the changes you need to make in your life you have to acknowledge it within, give yourself credit for it and celebrate it.  No matter how small or big the progress is, celebrate it! Any step that you take towards becoming comfortable being uncomfortable is progress that can’t and shouldn’t be ignored.  Keep track of your progress wether it be through journaling or some other form, and share it with your support system so that they can help you celebrate it as well.

These tips are a starting point, but doing the WORK is essentially how you will learn to be comfortable in the uncomfortable space that change creates.  You will have moments when you want to give up.  You may have times when you do give up temporarily.  As long as you don’t lose sight of the bigger picture along the way and keep getting back up and doing the work you will eventually get into the space you want to be in, and you will make the magic happen!  Now go and get started on the beginning of your life!

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6 thoughts on “Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable!

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  2. I agree WHOLEHEARTEDLY! I have been working on a situating myself in a new job for over four months now simpley because I am too comfortable at the oneI have now. Comfort is the antithesis of progress in many areas of our lives.

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